The 11 best learning tower activities for toddlers

Our little ones quite often have a difficult time understanding that they are not tall enough to help out around the house, or take part in some of the activities that adults and older siblings do. It can be hard being little in a world that seems so very big.

The introduction of the learning tower has allowed little kids to experience activities and adventures that were once simply out of reach.

Just how can a toddler learning tower offer benefits for little ones? How can parents benefit from adding a learning tower into their homes and lives? 

It’s well-known that toddlers are the busiest of little people. At this age, they have almost boundless energy and curiosity about the world around them.  The learning tower is an attempt at channeling this energy and creativity.

Also referred to as a Montessori tower, this sturdy tower is similar to the a step stool, with added safety rails at the top step. Being at an elevated height allows kids to be involved in what we, the parents, are up to.

The best learning tower activities for toddlers

Learning towers empower toddlers by giving them the opportunity to feel more involved in the world around them, while also helping them to further develop their fine motor skills.

Young children will feel more connected to their family, and will experience a boost in confidence when they accomplish tasks that were once just out of their reach. When a child is not tall enough to reach countertops or sinks, the learning tower will elevate them safely to counter height, while also containing them and helping to minimize the potential for falls.

We’ve got the best learning tower activities for your toddler, so he can feel better connected with his world and family.

Assisting with snack and meal preparation

This activity is perfect for picky toddlers, as it will help to involve them in making their own snacks and meals. Set him up with non-slip cutting boards, toddler-safe forks, knives and spoons, and allow him to prepare his favorite meals. From buttering toast to putting the pepperoni on his pizza for dinner, your toddler will love being involved with this daily task.

Washing dishes

It’s never too early for children to learn how to help out with chores around the house. With the toddler tower in front of the sink, your little one can learn how to safely wash his own bowls, plates and cups. It’s also possible that there will be more soapy suds on the floor than in the sink, but this is an activity that will engage your toddler and start to instill those good helpful habits that you’ll appreciate in later years. The kitchen helper tower can position your toddler right where he needs to be, to wash those dishes and feel like he’s helping out.

Sorting and folding laundry

Just like with learning to wash the dishes, it’s never too soon to learn how to sort and fold the laundry. Set your toddler up at the kitchen table or counter with a stack of his own socks and shirts. Teach him how to sort and fold his own clothing. This is sure to keep him entertained while he does his part to help out with a household chore. 

Planting vegetables and watering herb gardens

Let your little one start to explore his green thumb. Set the learning stool against your workbench, equip your little one with his own toddler-friendly garden tools and let him dig in. From planting beans to sunflower seeds, he’ll love getting involved.

Also allow him to participate in watering your indoor herbs, by using the learning tower to access his watering can and the herbs.

Crafts and art projects

If there is one thing that toddlers excel at, it’s making a creative mess. Set them up at the table or kitchen counter with their paints, paper and more. They’ll love getting stuck in and creating their very own masterpieces, at a height that allows them to see more of their creative space.

Decorating for the holidays.

Your toddler will love taking part in decorating for the holidays. Whether helping to decorate their very own pumpkin or put ornaments on the Christmas tree, the learning tower will make it a snap for your toddler to get involved.

Baking cookies and decorating cupcakes. 

Whether just for fun or for a celebration, there’s just something about baking with your children. The toddler kitchen stool offers your little one the ability to take part in the baking fun.

From tipping the ingredients into the mixing bowl or scooping the cookies onto the baking tray, your toddler will love being able to help out with baking and decorating. The extra height offered by the learning tower allows your toddler to be involved in the baking action. They’ll love adding frosting and sprinkles to cookies and cupcakes.

Family photos 

The toddler tower is a great way to give your little one a little bit of extra height for some of those fun family photos. Decorate it or drape it with a seasonal-appropriate cover. This will be a great and easy way for your little ones to be a part of your family photos, without needing to zoom out for photos.

Don’t forget selfies with older siblings! Your little one can stand on his toddler tower and get those 

Brushing teeth and hair

It’s so important that your little ones learn how to properly brush their teeth. The learning tower will give them the added height they need to access the sink, their toothbrush and of course the mirror.

Your little one will also enjoy being able to brush and style his own hair in front of the mirror.


Your little kitchen helper is likely to get his hands sticky and dirty while helping out. He may also have hands that need washing before he sits down for a snack or lunch. The learning tower makes it ultra-easy for your toddler to get to the soap and water.

Teach your little one how to wash his hands when they need to be washed. It’s never too early to learn about good hand washing habits.

Creative play and imaginations. 

The learning tower offers so much more than just involving your busy little toddler the ability to elevate his point of view. It allows him a great place to play and use his imagination.

Conquer his foes, hunt wild animals in the jungle or pretend to be on a rocket ship! The sky’s the limit when it comes to letting his imagination out to play.

The learning tower is a wonderful and versatile addition to your household. Your toddler will be able to take part in countless enriching activities, and you’ll be able to spend more valuable time with your little one.