How often to rotate Montessori toys

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One important aspect of Montessori-style play and learning is to limit the number of options a child has to choose from when selecting an activity. Since Montessori open-ended toys are designed to foster creativity, independence, and open-ended play, the limited number of choices benefits children because they are not overwhelmed or overstimulated.  As parents you …

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Why are Montessori toys so expensive?

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Every parent wants to give their children a great start when it comes to the development of motor and problem solving skills, even in the earliest stages of infancy. Many experts advocate for simple, quality open ended play options for children that foster exploration, creativity, and ultimately independence.  With so many options out there, it …

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What Is a Montessori Toy?

What is a Montessori toy

As adults, we live in a world that can be so stimulating that it is overwhelming. Now, think about what this might be like for your child. Your child is still learning the basics of living in this world, so he might have a hard time comprehending what is happening in the world around him. …

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