Best stacking toys for toddlers

The best stacking toys for toddlers

The ability of a toddler to develop the skill of stacking toys or blocks is an interesting developmental milestone. Parents may notice their children attempting to stack toys and objects of all sorts and therefore wish to find specific open-ended toys for toddlers that will foster stacking and building skills. There are many different options …

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What is open-ended play

What is open ended play_

Many of us may remember our childhood playtimes, when ordinary objects became the stuff of adventure and exploration with little or no prompting – just the workings of imagination. When a child is given opportunities to play without limitations or specific directions for how objects should be used or how activities must be carried out, …

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What is a Montessori Shelf

What is a Montessori Shelf and How do you use it

The Montessori method never goes out of style. It’s been around for over a century and parents just to love it, simply because it makes sense.  Let your children discover on their own, keep the materials natural, simple toys, more creativity and open-ended play – who can’t get behind that? With the simplicity of the …

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The best building toys for toddlers

The best building toys for toddlers

Your toddler is learning dexterity. Stacking blocks helps to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills, as well as spatial skills. Problem solving and imagination are also fostered by block play. Intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being are being promoted, too. A toddler’s level of motor development correlates with the number of blocks he can stack. The …

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The Kimboo balance board review

The kimboo balance board wobble board review

Summary Handcrafted  Canadian made Stylish Health Canada approved High-quality birch plywood Eco-friendly  Non-toxic 450 lbs max weight capacity The Kimboo wobble board is a beautiful, Canadian crafted, open-ended toy that not only looks great in any home but also opens up a new world of fun for your toddler. There is no right or wrong …

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