The 11 best learning tower activities for toddlers

The best learning tower activities for toddlers

Our little ones quite often have a difficult time understanding that they are not tall enough to help out around the house, or take part in some of the activities that adults and older siblings do. It can be hard being little in a world that seems so very big. The introduction of the learning …

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Kitchen learning tower vs step stool

Learning tower vs stool

Your baby is no longer a little baby and he wants to see and do everything you do. He’s now walking, climbing and needs to be watched 100% of the time, but you still need to get things accomplished around the house. How do you keep your toddler entertained and happy while still getting dinner …

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What Is a Montessori Toy?

What is a Montessori toy

As adults, we live in a world that can be so stimulating that it is overwhelming. Now, think about what this might be like for your child. Your child is still learning the basics of living in this world, so he might have a hard time comprehending what is happening in the world around him. …

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Toddler learning tower vs chair – Which one is best?

If your family is anything like mine, you spend a ton of time in the kitchen. It seems we are always either cooking, cleaning or eating, and our kids just seem to keep getting into trouble while we try to get things done.  So how do you keep them engaged while still getting your tasks …

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What are open ended toys?

What are open-ended toys_

Kids’ brains are like sponges, absorbing every bit of information around them and building new connections in their brain. Thirsty for information and affection, a toddler will find himself in dozens of power struggles every day. As parents, we are already too familiar with the daily tantrums these little humans have for what appears to …

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