The Kimboo balance board review

toddler balance board


  • Handcrafted 
  • Canadian made
  • Stylish
  • Health Canada approved
  • High-quality birch plywood
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Non-toxic
  • 450 lbs max weight capacity

The Kimboo wobble board is a beautiful, Canadian crafted, open-ended toy that not only looks great in any home but also opens up a new world of fun for your toddler. There is no right or wrong way to use the Kimboo balance board. Open ended toys like this are made for your child to explore, discover and have fun.

Balance boards were originally meant for your toddler to stand on and rock back and forth, but it doesn’t end there. The reality is that there are 101 different ways to play with a balance board and if you allow your toddler to discover, he will find unlimited fun with a wobble board for years to come.

The Kimboo balance board encourages your child to discover. There are no buttons, no lights, no sounds and no screens. Only a toddler ready to discover the world and his imagination. 

kimboo balance board review

Features of the Kimboo balance board:

  • Handcrafted in Quebec, Canada
  • Certified for Health Canada Safety Standards
  • Made from high-quality birch plywood
  • Perfect for developing balance and stability
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic oil coating that is baby and toddler safe
  • Sturdy and strong – 450lbs weight capacity
  • Made from natural wood only so each piece is unique

Specification of the Kimboo boards

Kimboo JuniorKimboo Original
DimensionsLength – 29″Width – 10 1/4″Height – 5 1/4″Length – 36″Width – 11 1/2″Height – 7 3/8″
Weight4.85 pounds6.75 pounds
Warranty1 year1 year
Max weight capacity400 pounds450 pounds
Recommended Ages12 months to 4 years18 months+
kimboo balance board review

Why I love the Kimboo balance board

I got the Kimboo balance board when my son was 14 months old. He was walking since he was 10 months old, so at 14 months he was already pretty steady on his feet. I was confident he would have fun with the Kimboo balance board, and he did – but not right away and not the way I expected.

At first, I would stand him on the board and he would just walk off like it wasn’t even there. I’d sit him down on it and he would stand up and walk away. He just wasn’t interested. 

Until one day he saw the Kimboo wobble board in the corner of the room, picked it up, moved the board over to the carpeted area, stood on it, started rocking side-to-side and laughing hysterically.

Once he noticed the Kimboo wobble board I realized he was ready to start exploring, and that’s exactly what we did. I let his imagination take over and just guided him to find different ways to have fun with the Kimboo board. 

Here are some of the balance board activities we came up with:

  • Standing on the balance board
  • Lying down on the board
  • A slide from the couch to the floor
  • A bridge between the couch and the ottoman
  • A “hill” to walk up and down while upside down
  • Building a fort with the board and draping a blanket over it
  • A place to stack balance toys on
  • A tunnel to hide toys under
  • A wall to hide behind (when on its side)

And so many more fun, imaginary games.

Every once in awhile he re-discovers the Kimboo board and creates a new imaginary scenario to use it for. Sometimes it makes sense to me and sometimes only he understands it. Other times it’s kind of dangerous and I need to watch him very carefully. One thing is for sure, it’s always fun to play with the Kimboo balance board.

You can find the Kimboo balance board either on Amazon, Etsy or at

kimboo balance board review

The benefits of the Kimboo balance board

Besides being an amazing open-ended toy, a balance board serves as an important tool for helping children develop their fine and gross motor skills. Starting these types of activities early in life will greatly benefit any toddler. 

Balance boards help toddlers gain an immense amount of body awareness, balance and coordination. My son’s walking and climbing abilities improved exponentially after starting to play with the Kimboo balance board.

The Kimboo balance board also encourages creative thinking. My son now carries his Kimboo board around the house, from room to room looking for different ways to use it and places to discover.

kimboo balance board review

Why I recommend the Kimboo wobble board

There are many choices of balance boards in the market today but they are not all made the same. The Kimboo is made in Canada and follows Health Canada recommendations for safety of the materials used. You can be sure there are no toxic materials used on this 100% natural balance board.

The Kimboo board also stands out for being extremely durable. The Kimboo has a weight capacity of 400 and 450 pounds, depending on the model. This means that mom and dad can use the board and show the little ones how to play with it.

The Kimboo is not just a balance board, it’s a beautifully crafted piece de resistance amongst the toys in our home. Every parent and child that comes over is immediately drawn to it; parents love the look and feel and kids just can’t get enough of it.