Best toys for toddlers who like to take things apart

Toddlers are inquisitive. They love to spend hours with toys spread all around them. Their desire to take things apart is strong, and it pays to have take-apart toys for them. Otherwise, toys that were never meant to be taken apart may end up destroyed, or you may leave your toddler frustrated because he can’t do the task he is trying to accomplish.

It’s always a good idea to keep toddlers entertained in the way they are ready to be entertained. This means that parents have to play to their strengths and the phase they are going through at that point in life. 

Take apart toys for toddlers are meant to allow kids to develop fine motor skills as well as their curiosity of how things are built.

Why are toddlers obsessed with taking things apart?

Toddlers are little humans who need to find out the answers to many of life’s questions. They don’t want to ask questions, though. They want to figure it all out on their own. Toddlers become obsessed with taking things apart because they are trying to understand how the world, and the things in it, work.

A toddler may look at a toy with moving parts such as the wheels on a truck, and wonder why the wheel moves that way? How come he can’t pull it out but can rotate it? What’s holding it in place?

All of these questions will drive him to want to take pieces apart in an effort to understand whats actually happening.

They do this with the toys that you put in front of them. And if you don’t put toys that they can take apart in front of them, they’ll get creative.

Toddlers take apart remote controls, tear books, and ransack kitchen cabinets in an effort to fulfill the desire to understand. To avoid this from happening, you just need to feed their curiosity with toys that help with building, stacking, and more.

Taking toys apart is not a bad thing. 

It shows that kids curious and that they have the desire to explore. You just have to guide them with accessories that will allow for the development of creative play instead of destruction.

Some of the toys that toddlers play with may show what they’re naturally interested in – building, constructing, engineering or figuring out puzzles. The more you observe their play, the more you will understand what they are going through and how to curb their desires.

toys for toddlers who like to take things apart

What types of toys are best for toddlers that like to take things apart?

When it comes to toys for toddlers who like to take things apart, you have to explore some of the different toys that are out there. They’re creative, and they need a way to take that creativity to do something fun and safe.

The best types of toys for toddlers that like to take things apart are building blocks, stacker toys, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) toys and magnetic toys. The reason is that these types of toys target the actual reason why kids want to take things apart.  

Building blocks: Whether wooden or plastic, blocks can be a way to build as a way to expand their imagination. The blocks can also teach about colors, shapes, and basic geometry. You can turn them into other lessons, too, like gravity and balance.

Stacker toys: Stacking is not only exciting but it’s also a challenge to see how high a toddler can stack – and toys for toddlers who like to stack things should have plenty of toys. Choose ones with different shapes to offer more of a challenge.

STEM toys: Toys focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math challenge the mind. It allows kids to understand the science behind some of their favorite construction builds. As your toddler grows, many STEM toys can grow with them.

Magnetic toys: Magnets are fun to play with and make it easier to build, especially for kids who haven’t yet learned to match up shapes. They can also be a cool introduction to architecture and art.

There’s no reason why you should limit yourself to just one category of toy. Feed your toddler’s curiosity with different types of toys to encourage his curiosity and watch him grow.

The Best Take Apart Toys for Toddlers

There are a number of toys for toddlers who like to take things apart that help develop their fine motor skills and creativity. These toys need to be challenging, yet somewhat open-ended. Open ended toys spark kids creativity and that’s exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to taking things apart.

Let’s take a look at some awesome toys for toddlers that like to take things apart.

Wooden Building Blocks Set

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A Wooden Building Blocks Set uses plenty of colored blocks that allow him to build castles, houses or whatever his imagination will allow. The other fun part is to take it all apart when he’s done. The more parts there are, the more creative he can become.

Geometric Stackers

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Lewo Wooden Rainbow Stackers are open ended toys for toddlers that push the imagination. With various sizes of arcs, anything can be created. Plus, the bright colors add to so much of the fun.

The Melissa & Doug Geometric Stackers are take apart toys for toddlers that also help with shapes and methods for stacking. The different shapes challenge toddlers to think about how to stack and take it down them. It also leaves room for his imagination,  allowing the stacking to happen in so many different ways. There is no right or wrong; just different ways to approach it.

Stem Toys

STEM toys

Brickyard Building Blocks STEM Toys Kit offers fun open ended toys for toddlers who can engineer with blocks to create boats, planes, cars, and more. Then, they can take them apart and build more.

STEM Building Toys with a Remote Control can also be fun, allowing kids to not only build but also add some power. There are plenty of toys that he can build and add an engine to, too. It combines building with engineering.

An AmScope microscope are toys for toddlers who want to understand more about how other things are constructed. Leaves, earwax, and so much more can be investigated. It may be a great way to push him to becoming a scientist.

Magnetic Toys

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The Magformers Basic Set uses multiple colors and magnets to make it fun and easy to build. Various shapes are used to build 2D and 3D designs. The best part is that there are so many parts that sizes of builds can be quite dramatic.

Playmags 3D Magnetic Blocks makes for fun toys for toddlers who like to build things. The magnets make it easier to stack and tear down, and the bright colors add to the excitement. He may find it fun to see how the magnets clint to one another, too.Veatree is a fun magnetic toy that includes magnetic sticks and steel balls for toddlers to have fun constructing from their imagination. Every build is different, offering hours of entertainment.