Best balance boards for toddlers and kids

The Best Balance Boards for Toddlers and Kids

A balance board – sometimes called a wobble board, Waldorf board, or Montessori board – is an excellent addition to a toddler or young child’s Montessori-based play. The use of balance boards improves a child’s awareness of his body, called proprioception, which in turn helps develop stability and good posture. Balance boards available on the …

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How can I improve my toddler’s balance?

How can I improve my toddlers balance (6)

Balance is a key skill that people use everyday when we walk, climb on a stepstool, climb up a set of steps, even sit at a table to eat. Adults and older children can execute all sorts of activities and movements that require good balance without thinking about it. But toddlers must develop this skill …

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The Kimboo balance board review

The kimboo balance board wobble board review

Summary Handcrafted  Canadian made Stylish Health Canada approved High-quality birch plywood Eco-friendly  Non-toxic 450 lbs max weight capacity The Kimboo wobble board is a beautiful, Canadian crafted, open-ended toy that not only looks great in any home but also opens up a new world of fun for your toddler. There is no right or wrong …

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