Toddler learning tower vs chair – Which one is best?

If your family is anything like mine, you spend a ton of time in the kitchen. It seems we are always either cooking, cleaning or eating, and our kids just seem to keep getting into trouble while we try to get things done

So how do you keep them engaged while still getting your tasks done? Well, you involve them in what you’re doing! 

Easier said than done, I know.

Even though this task may seem impossible it isn’t, and there are different ways to approach it. In fact, this is the reason the kitchen learning tower was invented. It’s so simple, yet genius!

The toddler learning stool is a two-step stool with a cage around the top step so your child can see and reach above the counter but is still safe from falling over.

Ok but can’t you just use a chair instead of a kitchen learning tower? 

Yes, you sure can, but it’s going to depend on the level of risk you are willing to take as well as your patience level.

What is a toddler learning tower for anyway?

The kitchen helper tower serves two main purposes. One is to elevate your child above counter height so he can see, touch, play and “help” you as you go about your daily chores. Two is to leave you worry free while your child is standing right by you, learning from you and keeping busy. 

The chair only solves one of those problems; the first one.

Sure you can pop your kid on a chair and go about your day but all it takes is you to look away for a fraction of a second and your little one could be on his way down to the ground from a quick misstep.

Some parents have a much higher threshold for risk than I do. They can watch their toddler get into some pretty risky situations without even being close to them, knowing full well that they could potentially hurt themselves. I prefer to take the safer route. 

If I see my son getting into trouble I will either move him away or hover around him just in case he falls.

If you’re anything like me, you should just get a learning tower.

Can you use a chair instead of a learning tower?

Yes you surely can use a chair instead of a learning tower, but beware of the risks and limitations. A chair is obviously not made to be stood on, even by a child so there is a chance your kid may try to sit or lean on the backrest and the chair could topple over. Or as mentioned before, if he is not paying attention and takes a side-step off the chair there is a good chance he will find himself on the ground.

If you or your partner are willing to keep a close eye on your toddler then there are ways to make it work, but if this turns into a daily activity it may get tiring to always hang around making sure he is safe. 

When should you choose a learning tower over a chair?

Kids develop very fast in the toddler years. They learn so much in so little time. They also get frustrated and bored a lot because of it. That’s when the kitchen helper stool comes in handy.

If you notice your child is all of a sudden interested in what you are doing up on the counter or work bench, it may be time to consider a learning tower.

Imagine not only going through your chores or doing your hobby and having your little one standing right beside you and learning from you? Everyone wins.

In Conclusion

If you are wondering whether or not you need a learning tower of if you can just use a chair instead, the answer is yes…

If in doubt, my suggestion is to give it a try with a chair or stool under strict supervision and if your child appears to show some interest in continuing to do this type of activity, get a proper learning tower and enjoy those precious moments instead of worrying about your baby getting hurt by falling from the chair.