The Best Toys With Buttons Switches And Lights

We don’t start remembering long-term until around the age of three. Still, “toddlerdom” should be the best time in our lives – happy, carefree, loved – a time of laughter, smiles, and yes, toys. The toys, however, should not be mindless but should be learning toys to help expand the minds and abilities of these kids.

Toys with push buttons, switches, and lights don’t quite have it all, but busy boards have the rest of it. Push buttons, switches, lights, labyrinths, clasps, gears, buttons, locks with keys, buzzers, and more introduce a toddler to the world around him. 

Why Do Toddlers Love to Push Buttons, Switches, and Lights?

Toys with buttons to push mesmerize toddlers mostly because they see you pushing buttons so often. You press buttons on the television remote, your keyboard, your phone, your key fob, and more, and when he tries to do the same, you tell him NO! Of course, he wants to press buttons. Another reason is that during his toddler season, his reasoning skills have jumped ahead in a flash, and he needs active play. Pressing buttons gives him that. 

VTech Latches and Doors Busy Board

Toys with switches are sort of like toys with push buttons. Toddlers see you flip the light switch on and off or the switch to the stand mixer. He cannot reach either one – yet, but when he sees you do it, it sparks his desire to do the same. His energy is speeding ahead without you and he needs a good way to direct it. Something with push buttons and switches is a good outlet. 

Toys with lights get the attention of even most adults, much less toddlers. Different color lights, especially ones that go on and off will fascinate him. He has seen that when you flip a switch the lights come on or go off or the mixer comes on or goes off. Can he do the same with his lights? He would like to find out. For an inquisitive mind, a toy with push buttons, switches, and lights is just the ticket to happiness.

Why Is Playing with Switches and Push Buttons Good for Toddlers?

You want to choose toys that will expand with your toddler as he grows. Though he does not actually need tons of toys, he does need the right toys. Experts today say that those fall along the lines of Montessori and Waldorf toys.

Waldorf and Montessori toys are toys that are organic, and eco-friendly. Both are both made with other natural materials like wood, metal, wool, silk, and cotton. These toys are great for a child’s sensory development. 

Busy Board for 1 Year Old – Montessori Board - Toddler Sensory Board – Locks Latches Board – Busy Cube – Activity Board – Waldorf Toys -Toddler Travel Toys - Wooden Daycare Busy Board

Switches can help fine-tune fine motor skills. Switches called specialty switches are especially helpful in children with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, autism, and other diseases.

Push buttons also aid in fine-tuning fine motor skills, but you must be careful. Make sure cause and effect are happening. If the lights are burning constantly, your toddler learns nothing. The lights should come on only when he pushes a button or flips a switch.

What Are the Best Toys for Toddlers Who Love to Play With Buttons, Switches and Lights?

MaxiBaby Toys Wooden Spaceship Panel Busy Board

This spaceship panel busy board has mirrors, buttons, a switch, plugins, and lights. This spaceship panel may be stimulating for a young toddler. It will work on a small child’s memory, creativity, and fine motor skills. You are able to add personalization, like your toddler’s name to the board if you’d like.

Lineara Hand Made Busy Board With Light

This Lineara Hand Made Busy Board With Light has buttons and switches with bulbs that light up. The lights, buttons, and switches may be exciting for a young toddler. It will work on his fine motor skills and creativity. You are able to choose from a huge variety of colors and then, for a finishing touch, choose from a rocket, a car, or 8 animals.

KiddyBusyToys Butterfly Busy Board

This butterfly busy board has lights and music. The butterfly and fidget wheel light up while the gear, switch, and buttons do not. Your toddler may like the lights, especially if he likes butterflies. His memory and fine motor skills will be put to work.

Laser Temple Busy Board

The Laser Temple Busy Board has beads, zippers, handles, labyrinths, drawers, shapes, buttons, switches, clasps, buzzers, gears, a fidget wheel, animals, laces with a tie, a lock and key, wheels, and more. This is a child’s dream and could keep him busy for days while exercising his fine motor skills simultaneously. You are able to choose from the boy’s or girl’s edition.

VTech Latches and Doors Busy Board

VTech Latches and Doors Busy Board

The latches and doors busy board has switches, latches, and a lock and key. This board has large keys and parts for small hands. It will exercise his memory and fine motor skills. It is unique because there is someone behind each door introduced by a sweet voice that also teaches the numbers 1-5. Music mode gets toddlers to open windows and doors so they can hear melodies and sound effects.

BrainUp Toys Wooden Montessori Waldorf Busy Board

Busy Board for 1 Year Old – Montessori Board - Toddler Sensory Board – Locks Latches Board – Busy Cube – Activity Board – Waldorf Toys -Toddler Travel Toys - Wooden Daycare Busy Board

This Montessori Waldorf busy board is absolutely overflowing with different things for your toddler to do and learn from, like beads, a bell, a switch, a socket, a labyrinth, a gate valve, twitching rings, gears, latches, laces with a tie, locks, and a clock with hands. Your toddler learns fine motor skills and is mesmerized for hours at the same time. This board is made with baby-safe paint, and it is allowed on an airplane because of its perfect size.

TT.Remax Wooden Montessori Locks and Latches Busy Board

Montessori busyboard Busy Board- Sensory Board - Study Board -Wood Board - Activity Board Locks and latches Activity Board - 12-60 Month

This Montessori locks and latches busy board may not have lights, but it has plenty of buttons and switches along with a zipper, beads, laces with a tie, and plenty of locks with keys. Exercise his fine motor skills, memory, and creativity. Environmental protection paint is used to form the mirror surface. Bacteria cannot breed easily on this board.